Heat on the Street

imageFirst published on 31 July this year. An incredible achievement by my own self confessed ordinary standards. I measure myself as just an average Joe and never in my wildest dreams expected to have my first novel available on websites of Amazon, Waterstones, WH Smiths, Foyles and Blackwell’s. All the hard work, dedication, self drive, sacrifices and belief has eventually paid off…..Handsomely, albeit my rear profiles more astethically pleasing. Thanks to my mass of jungle sized Afro bush, that’s my hair of course…..and before you curiously wonder in which part of my anatomy…That will be my head! It certainly helps to massage and mastermind my cerebral creativity. If you enjoy a RomCom Fiction Adventure of a sensuous, erotic and thought provoking nature, this is the book for you. A little bit of background about me, I’m a 40 something aged firefighter from Leeds who is also a level 3 qualified football coach with a penchant for occasional part time acting, international cuisine, travel, cultural diversity, reading, writing poetry, boxing and many other sports, my Family are rather important too, especially my gorgeous girlfriend and adorable almost 2 year old daughter with a special son due early in the new year. Enough from me, while I leave the seductive, alluring and mouthwatering pleasures of Jammin’ Boy in Heat on the Street to simply wet your appetite. Enjoy the exhilarating roller coaster white knuckle ride…..Buckle up, brew a beverage and………….Hold on….!!


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