2nd Novel of a gritty, edge of the seat nerve jangling nature with an erotic undercurrent

imageAfter my debut novel Heat on the Street, you could say I’ve been keeping a relatively low profile, apart from in the lives of my adorable Family, acting the goat & being childlike. These are systematic traits when you have young children……What a blissful pleasure to be able to reminisce . Your work is always cut out, apart from the money making pastimes of a full time job & trying to earn a mini crust (breadwinner) from selling a handful of books, maybe more. Bringing little ones into this world isn’t supposed to be easy, especially when there is so much anger, jealousy & greed, enough about a few of the 7 deadly sins, instil the right moral values, Respect of Self, Others & Property (Not just the Wendy house or Pall Mall on the monopoly board), Discipline, Self Pride, Honesty, Integrity, Selflessness, Happiness & Love…..If 99% of parents used these priceless ethics the World would be a much safer, happier, fruitful & loving place. Religion, Race, Culture, Creed, Gender…..Who cares about those elements, let us ALL just work hard to diversify ourselves throughout the entire spectrum. Enemies become that way because of indoctrination from a young age…..Kids don’t wanna be harbouring weapons, hating others & afflicting physical & psychological pain on innocent others….Throw away your Anger, Pick up your (litter), a positive Mind infectiously radiates Happiness, Harmony & Beauty, Dissolve the Hate & Grow the Love…….& let us embrace Success globally which with Government & Human monetary investment will Heal wounds, Improve poor health, Eradicate poverty & Inspire our future!! I hope this makes you smile when you read it and energises you, magnetising confidence & elevating esteem. The soapbox is now back on the side of the sink & the dirty water toxins rinsed away into the sewers. Enjoy the rural picturesque & idyllic photo of organic invigorating nature……It’s also a caption of the final scene for my recently completed 2nd Novel. I hope it wets the appetite…..Enjoy!!



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